A Koto Keys Christmas
***New Age Retailer Holiday Essentials Pick for 2009***
Mara Purl  &  Marilyn Harris

Japanese Harp & Acoustic Piano
join together for
holiday meditation & relaxation.
Perfect for massage and unwinding during the holidays.

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 Check out these sound clips for A KOTO KEYS CHRISTMAS:

1) Joy To The World   MP3
2) O Come, O Come Emmanuel   MP3
3) Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella   MP3
4) What Child Is This?   MP3
5) Adeste Fidelis   MP3
6) Good King Wenceslas   MP3
7) Silent Night   MP3
8) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen   MP3
9) Angels We Have Heard On High   MP3

What people are saying about A KOTO KEYS CHRISTMAS:

"As on their previous collaboration (Koto Keys), pianist Marilyn Harris and koto (Japanese harp) player, Mara Purl, exhibit grace, beauty, and an amazing sense of symmetry when they combine their considerable talents on this delightful and soothing holiday music album that, in all honesty, is already one of my all-time favorites. A Koto Keys Christmas can easily sit beside other Yuletide new age music classics, such as George Winston's December, Tingstad and Rumbel's The Gift, and many others. In addition, because of the unusual instrumental duo (assisted, as previously, by producer Mark Wolfram's excellent sampled instrument keyboard accompaniment) the album is also a fresh and unique take on the well-worn, but still welcome, classic carols that everyone knows...one of the things Harris and Purl excel at is allowing their songs to evolve slowly, with almost Zen-like patience and a deep sense of serenity...Somehow, Harris and Purl have found a way of playing the carols in an obviously improvisational manner, yet without a trace of "jazziness," instead almost creating an ambient "feel" to the songs...a carol's recognizable refrain emerges from within the improvisation, then re-submerges underneath a soothing blend of piano, gently plucked koto, and Wolfram's skillful keyboards (encompassing instruments such as strings, bells, flutes, woodwinds and percussion)...you will certainly be able to tell that you are listening to [holiday] classics...expect to be charmed by the unadorned simplicity of a recording that flows so soothingly out of your stereo system, layering the room's atmosphere with gentle refrains, delightful improvisation, and a deep sense of peace. I don't think there is a more serene yet "positive" album of holiday music out there...Harris and Purl (along with Wolfram) expertly guide the listener down paths that are both familiar and refreshingly new. So, take some time over the holidays to pause, reflect, and bask in the beautiful music from this wonderful album. I cannot recommend it highly enough to those who are looking for new treatments of old carols, but who also desire a peaceful ambiance...A Koto Keys Christmas is soft as gently falling snow, and every bit as lovely."                             - Bill Binkelman, WIND and WIRE

"What a beautiful CD! The Christmas holiday's spirit and concept have broadened forever with the release of this disk. Finally something that I can play in my restaurant during the holidays which makes ME and all my Japanese customers feel truly included in the Christmas season. Thank you!!"
                                        - K. Hiroda, Restauranteur

"I'm normally not a big fan of Christmas music but you really have a winner here. It's Great!!! It's the perfect of blending of old classic standards but with a totally new and updated sound. I love it!"
             - Valerie Jones, Music Publisher  - Sound Oasis Productions

"They've done it again! Purl & Harris continue to deliver - a very reflective, relaxing and enjoyable set. It helps smooth out the bumps of the road. This CD will be an annual tradition for me - wherever I happen to be at Christmastime." 
                                         - J. P. Desousa, Road Manager

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