The music of SEA MARKS
Marilyn Harris

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Inspired by the enchanting 1984 production of Gardner McKay’s play SEA MARKS at the Pewter Plough Playhouse starring Christopher Law and Mara Purl, composer Marilyn Harris is thrilled that the actors are reviving the play with new productions in Cambria, CA and Colorado Springs, CO to mark the 30th anniversary of the original run.  Along with Mark Wolfram, Marilyn performed and produced the music on this CD in 1985.

 Selections on
 The music of SEA MARKS include:

  1) Main Title   MP3
  2) I Remember Little Things, Too   MP3
  3) Colm Primrose - Bridge
  4) I Still Don't Remember - Bridge
  5) City Girl
  6) I Wish I Could
  7) Jig   MP3
  8) With Me
  9) Were You Awake?
10) The Boy and The Calf   MP3
11) You're That Boy!
12) Sea Shanty
13) No More - No Less
14) Love Talk
15) And Now He Loves Two
16) I Want It For Us
17) Tension - End Title

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