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Two big band recording sessions for Marilyn Harris' new CD "Round Trip" took place at Entourage Recording in North Hollywood, California - one on December 19, 2005 and one on February 12th, 2006.  They featured an All-Star Big Band of Los Angeles heavyweights. Below is a collection of photos from both sessions.  "Round Trip" is scheduled to be released in May 2006.  This is one CD you won't wanna miss!!

An All-Star Big Band was assembled at Entourage Recording in North Hollywood, California on December 19th, 2005 for Marilyn Harris' new Wrightwood Records CD entitled, "Round Trip". (WRCD-1569) Pictured are (from L to R) Rick Baptist, Charlie Morillas, Greg Huckins, Charlie Loper, John Yoakum, Bruce Otto, Andy Martin, Dan Higgins, arranger Mark Wolfram, Larry Lunetta, Don Shelton, Warren Luening, Pete Christlieb, Peter Erskine, Wayne Bergeron and Chuck Berghofer.

The band warms up.

Trumpets: (L to R) Larry Lunetta, Rick Baptist, Wayne Bergeron & Warren Luening

Trombones: (L to R) Charlie Morillas, Charlie Loper, Bruce Otto & Andy Martin

Don Shelton solos on "Letting Go".

Tenor Sax legend Pete Christlieb and Marilyn Harris

Lead Alto Dan Higgins, Marilyn and Tenor man John Yoakum
enjoy a break.

Bass legend Chuck Berghofer ponders a playback.

The amazing Peter Erskine lays down the groove and kicks the band - FANTASTIC!!!

Warren Luening and Andy Martin woodshed the notes before a take.

Arranger/Producer Mark Wolfram leads the band.

Andy Waterman (front) mics and mixes the band while
Ashburn Miller (back) captures the music on ProTools.

The Brass and Saxophones rehease.

The Trombone section looks happy with the results - yet Andy ponders what's on the next session. Greg Huckins is pictured behind Charlie Morillas (back left).

Ralph Humphrey lays down a wicked beat and kicks the band hard!
All of this from a really nice guy - go figure.

On a break...

Dan Higgins takes a really swingin' solo on "Round Trip".

Larry Lunetta listens intently as Rick Baptist spins tales of session lore.

Breaktime . . . the calm before a swingin' storm!!!

Jim Fox eagerly awaits his Guitar solo on "The Cards Keep Comin'"...

Marilyn Harris and Peter Erskine share a moment.

A happy group of Sax players: (L to R) Greg Huckins, Bill Liston, Dan Higgins and Don Shelton.

2 Lead Trumpet Legends: Rick Baptist and Wayne Bergeron discuss the state of all things "trumpet".

PLAYBACK!  In the booth (L to R) Chuck Berghofer, Dan Higgins, and Ralph Humphrey enjoy the playback while Mark Winkler and Jim Fox discuss the many CDs they did together in years past.

The hardworking band gets another break . . .

Marilyn sings to the playback.

Bill Watrous solos on "Twilight World".

Chuck Berghofer continues to lay down the beat with every tug of his bass.

The Brass Section blows the roof off and swings hard on "They're Gonna Love Me".

Marilyn seems VERY pleased with the results!

The L. A. Jazz All-Stars Big Band was assembled at Entourage Recording in North Hollywood, California on December 19th, 2005 & February 12th, 2006 for Marilyn Harris' new Wrightwood Records CD entitled, "Round Trip". (WRCD-1569) Pictured are (from L to R) Andy Martin, Bill Liston, arranger/producer Mark Wolfram, John Yoakum, Don Shelton, Bruce Otto, Ralph Humphrey, Wayne Bergeron, Charlie Loper, Larry Lunetta, Greg Huckins, Warren Luening, Peter Erskine, Charlie Morillas, Pete Christlieb, Chuck Berghofer, Jim Fox, Rick Baptist, Dan Higgins, and singer/songwriter Marilyn Harris.

Artist Marilyn Harris, Arranger/Producer Mark Wolfram and Mark Winkler (co-writer of many songs with Marilyn including "They're Gonna Love Me", "Cool", "That Afternoon In Harlem" and "Bebop High") pose together after the first session.  Thanks to "Winky" for the many fine photos he took of both sessions.

Longtime friends Mark Wolfram, Don Shelton & Marilyn Harris pose after the session.

"Round Trip" lyricist Sally Champlin proudly poses with
"Round Trip" composer Marilyn Harris at the session

Ashburn Miller expertly runs the ProTools and handles all the
file transfers and conversions.

Warren Luening and Don Shelton have a quiet discussion during a break...

Marilyn and Bill Watrous share a hug and reminisce about "the good old days" in
1970s New York City.

Andy Waterman listens to a playback while pondering some balance adjustments.

Jazz Guitarist Jim Fox and Marilyn share a moment between takes.

Mark Winkler and Ralph Humphrey chat for a moment during a break.

Meanwhile, jazz legend Bob Dorough shares the microphone with Marilyn as they sing "Cool" at Tabby Sound, Ltd. in New York City. Jeremy Goldsmith engineered.

The happy executives of Wrightwood Records are thrilled with the results.
Now it's time to get back to work: Mix, Master, Replicate, Promote, Sell-Sell-Sell!!!




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