ORPHANS   Marilyn Harris

Marilyn Harris' tasty new CD is a fabulous collection of 17 great
original songs of many genres that's sure to please both fans of Marilyn
and first-time listeners alike.

with The Orphans Band & Singers

Featuring instrumental solos by
Dan Higgins, Steve Carnelli, P.J. Hanke

and Kelland Thomas

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Check out Marilyn & Mark Winkler's
"Countries In Love" Music Video
and Marilyn's
"New York, New Haven & Hartford"
Music Video on the VIDEO page:

Check out these short sound clips for these ORPHANS titles:

1) Countries In Love MP3

2) Bird MP3

3) You Don't Love Here Anymore MP3

4) When Do We Call It Love? MP3

5) Over The Years MP3

6) New York, New Haven & Hartford MP3

7) Let's Get Together Tonight MP3

8) Jet Laggin' notes MP3

9) We'll Both Be Cookin' Tonight MP3

10) They Learn MP3

11) Too Bad, My Lad MP3

12) The Empty Chair MP3

13) Breathless MP3

14) Second Wind MP3

15) The Old House MP3

16) Closin' Time MP3

17) You Bring Me Home With A Song notes MP3

Also featuring Phillip Ingram

in a vocal duet with Marilyn!

And Mark Winkler joining Marilyn
for "Countries In Love"

Marilyn croons in Paris...

General Winkler reviews the troops...

Beermaid Marilyn serves 'em up!

A trio of Marilyns serenade on rails!


Here's What People Are Saying About ORPHANS...

"In addition to being a wonderful singer, musician and songwriter, Marilyn Harris is also an avid story teller. On her latest recording, orphans, we have 17 orphans (tunes) looking for a good home. Unlike her recordings in the past, such as Future Street or Round Trip this is not an all jazz effort. However, this mixed bag of jazz, country, pop and even a religious oriented song is very interesting from the perspective of it being a series of stories that capture the listener.

We are living in a world where musical tastes have diminished greatly, lyrics are garbled and mangled beyond any recognition of the theme, or line or sense. This is why we need to support cats like Marilyn Harris or Mark Winkler who have contributed so much and received so little in return from a musical public that is either nonexistent, non-caring or completely out of it. The great lyric writers of the past will always live on. We need to remember and support those today that can move us all with great lyrics and turning them into an interesting story that touches us, moves us into sadness, happiness or nostalgia. In other words reflections of the human spirit.

On two tracks Marilyn is joined by her cohort, Mark Winkler and on another with Philip Ingram. With Mark she takes us around the world on a clever line titled, "Countries in Love." This is the usual kind of fare that is Marilyn's forte. With great lyrics, hip delivery and tongue in cheek she leads us, with Mark, on a hip journey around the world.

My favorite track is a smooth bossa nova type line telling the story about a bird. This line has a smooth and tasty structure that has us flying to the lilting melody of this soaring and free bird. As a bonus, Dan Higgins offers a wonderful flute solo to accompany the soaring bird.

In summing up the music of Marilyn Harris I think that it's fair to say that we've known her mostly, in the past, as a singer of jazz tunes. That being said, these sides are designed by a writer of songs with stories to be told and the quality stands up in each genre she chooses be it Country and Western or Spiritual. Each track in this selection, each orphan, tells a unique story and therein lies the gift of the songwriter. Enjoy!"

          - Peter LaBarbera, The Jazz Zine

"LOVED 'em, Marilyn!!  Absolutely LOVED 'em...especially 'Countries In Love.'  Shine on!"

          - Dick La Palm, Jazz Promoter

"I had 'Ophans' on my stereo today.  I want you to know that your tune 'Bird' really knocked me out.  What a great composition!  I have other favorites as well…but that one for me really stood out.  Congratulations on what appears to have been a major effort and kudos to Mark for some great arranging."

          - Steve Ford, Composer - Steve Ford Music

"My favorites are your ballads.  That's it, plain and simple.  They say so much, they sound so good . . . they express to me the core of my sister, Marilyn Jayne.  Now don't get me wrong, I see your variety as top notch . . . but my faves, they're your ballads . . . Your orphans have already found a good home."

          - Linda Harris

"Your CD is wonderful!  Many thanks for the copy.  I'm very inspired by your tenacity and talent, Marilyn.  Hope to hear more soon and know you have a 'lifetime sideman' here in LA should you need it!  Thanks again!"

          - P.J. Hanke, Musician & Composer

"What a pleasure to hear your perfect voice singing such swell songs . . . These songs are so pitchable.  I cannot believe that somebody hasn't already used the 'You Don't Love Here Anymore' title . . . It's a country hit, that's for sure—wish I had connections to Reba!  'Bird' is so gorgeous!  'NY New Haven & Hartford' made me smile from that first harmony opening. I'm a sucker for those 40's-sounding train songs.  'Jet Laggin' is so cool . . . Of course, I laughed at the opening line of  'Let's Get Together Tonight.' . . . It's a lovely album, Marilyn (and don't you adore Yvonne and Philip?)  You can be proud of it, as with all your work.   And don't you look cute in all your getups?  P.S. Mark has done his usual glorious job on the arrangements."

          - Marie Cain, Singer / Songwriter / Composer

"JUST now played 'Too Bad, My Lad'...!  It's one of my favorite tracks on the CD! . . . played it last night too AND tomorrow I already recorded my show and featured the CD."

         - Don Gordon, Jazz DJ / KIPO Hawaii

"Today I received your CD and am now listening to it . . . and that is great stuff !  CD will of course be taken into airplay as from April 05 and regularly after that.  Thanks so much for the support to my program and goodluck with all."

         - Joost van Steen, Jazz DJ - Jazz & Blues Tour, The Netherlands

"Coming up at the top of the hour (1pm MST), something wonderful from Marilyn Harris' new album 'Orphans.'  I ♥ Marilyn Harris!"

         - Mark Rosenbaum, KXCI - Community Radio in Tucson, Arizona

"I have been listening to the 'ORPHANS' CD non-stop in my car the last couple days!  Wow!  What a fantastic collection of songs!  Marilyn - your vocal work is stunning!  I love it, and I'm so honored to have been a part of it...I can't wait till we work together again!"

         - Steve Carnelli, Guitarist Extraordinaire

“Beyond Category” are two words Duke Ellington reserved to bestow high praise on a handful of musicians.  Thanks to her Orphans CD Marilyn Harris earned a solid place among elite musicians.  As triple header: composer/pianist/singer Harris’ chops are unmatched and well beyond category.

Orphans includes a 17-track elixir of cabaret, Jazz, folk, rock, gospel, and categorical, un-categorizable songs; underscoring the fact that there are really only two types of music: good—which Marilyn Harris writes, sings and produces; and all the other stuff.

Orphans’ subtitle explains that these are, “Songs looking for a good home.”  Well, they found one in this listener.  As a lover of trains, I climbed aboard with Track 1, “Countries in Love” and was immediately seduced by Harris’ silky alto.  Harris and Mark Winkler are a hand-in-glove duo.

“Bird's” easy Latin feel is a great foundation for Harris’ Saturday-morning vocals, great flute scatting and smooth French horn metaphors that sound like a seamless bird in flight.

Philip Ingram on “When Do We Call It Love?” is reminiscent of the incredible James Ingram.  With Ingram and Harris, silk meets satin in this timeless duet.

“Over the Years” feels so much like home.

The driving rhythms on “New York, New Haven & Hartford” made me want to jump aboard and ride across country.

With “Let’s Get Together Tonight,” the opening line sets the mood, “The later it gets the better you look to me.”  Harris’ slow dance with tenor saxophonist Kelland Thomas is a word painting metaphor for some good old-fashioned lovemaking lyrics: a smooth torch song!

“Jet Laggin’s” energy is a unique blend of organ, baritone sax, solid brass call and response, and the hippest vocals.

“They Learn” is a tribute that sums up every parents’ wish.

Every CD needs an instrumental fulcrum like “Too Bad, My Lad.”  This track will get a lot of much-deserved airplay.  Off in a distant track there seems to be faint vocal scatting that lures me, soothes me, and…

“Empty Chair” is beautiful, reflective mirror to the Human Soul.

“Breathless” is a gorgeous, thanks in part to Dan Higgins soprano sax.

The heavier the metal, the more I like “Second Wind.”

“The Old House” has a second home on HGTV and is reminiscent of Tom Wolfe’s adage.

“Closin’ Time” is a longtime favorite of mine: classic Marilyn Harris.  Nothing can suspend a listener like Harris’ velvety vocals, flute and guitar.  You owe it to yourself to learn the story behind this metaphor.

Dorothy and Toto need to hear this tune.  Marilyn Harris and The Yvonne Williams Gospel Choir brought this CD home with “You Bring Me Home With A Song.” 'Nuff said!

         - Regina Harris Baiocchi, Composer / Author - ReginaHarrisBaiocchi.com

"Got the record - Brings back times of long ago . . . Neat song/performance.   And the Jacket!  -  An eye catching piece of work."

         - Norman Dolph, Lyricist / Songwriter / Co-Writer of "Bird"

"I just started listening to your CD.  I didn't realize you wrote in so many styles!  You sound great and I send you all best wishes to find homes for many (or ALL) of these songs.  A duet with Phillip Ingram, how cool.  A great title no one thought of before (as far as I know)."

         - Lorraine Feather, Jazz Singer / Songwriter

"Thanks for the kind gift of your latest CD - it's very well done, congratulations, and I'm honored that you've recorded 'Breathless',  I love your product..."

         - Angel "Gus" Garcia, Co-Writer of "Breathless"

"Marilyn, you sound awesome!  I like this new direction!  Dan Higgins is a god!  I'm glad you got Kelland on the project also, he's a great talent.  I hope all is well with you and Mark."

         - Greg Armstrong, Musician / Saxophonist

"Another triumph! Your ORPHANS is a gem! Love the cover (great photos!), love the whole feel of the CD.  Love your imaginative, sassy, thought-provoking and just plain great videos!  You and Mark Winkler rock, and so does your producer Mark.  So great to hear your version of 'Jet Laggin' . . . and of course great to hear 'Bird.'  What I really love is the new song that starts it all off.  Loved hearing it when I saw your new video, and just love the song, and can't get it out of my head . . . a frequent occurrence when it comes to Marilyn Music.  Brava!!!  And Bravo to Mark!!!  Thank you for being who you are, being unstoppable, creative, self-expressed, dynamic, a true artist, a fabulous friend and a spectacular human being."

         - Mara Purl, Author / Singer / Songwriter / Co-Writer of "Jet Laggin' "

"Just love the new CD - - so much good material that should find a good home . . . Saying that - - I just LOOOOOOOOVE 'Closing Time' . . . And 'You Bring Me Home With A Song' is just fucking great.  I loved so much - - great work guys!"

         - Mark Winkler, Singer / Lyricist / Composer / Playwrite
                       Co-Writer of "Countries In Love" & "The Old House"

"LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!"

         - Stephanie O'Keefe, Musician / French Hornist / Contractor

"So inventive!  Great song, great vocalizing, great orchestrations!  A plethora of Marilyns!  You make me want to book a ride on that train right now."

         - Adryan Russ, Singer / Songwriter


ORPHANS Liner Notes:
(by Marilyn Harris)

COUNTRIES IN LOVE - My ever clever friend, co-writer and co-performer Mark Winkler delivers again - "Peace In Our Time"- on ALL fronts. Da, Baby, Da!

BIRD - Written as the theme song for a friend's spec TV show (about her adventures as a musician-journalist in NYC), the melody is based on a standard tuning for the koto (Japanese harp). Dig Dan’s flute solo!

YOU DON'T LOVE HERE ANYMORE - Songs like this make me feel like a country girl at heart! Reba should sing this! Or the Dixie Chicks!! Yeah, you heard me, buddy - start packin’!

WHEN DO WE CALL IT LOVE? - When dating moves to the next stage there are always questions and anxieties. This song was supposed to be the follow-up duet to LIKE LOVE, from Jim Brickman's VISIONS OF LOVE album.

OVER THE YEARS - Written for my in-laws' 40th anniversary - at the time, we'd only been married 4 years so I had to imagine being married for 4 decades...now, after being married 30+ years I'm finally starting to really understand it!

NEW YORK, NEW HAVEN & HARTFORD - This is the railroad by which I planned my escape from Connecticut to the wonders of New York City as a child! I was either going to be a music conductor or a train conductor. Luckily, I've been able to keep my musical career "on track"!

LET'S GET TOGETHER TONIGHT - I wrote this song as an end title for an indie film. It may be just a tad too honest! Don't fight it, pal - it's bigger than both of us!

JET LAGGIN' - Co-writer Mara Purl travelled exten-sively during the honeymoon years of her marriage, so much so that even the cat was confused about her comings and goings! I love the groove of this track!

WE'LL BOTH BE COOKIN' TONIGHT - This is an appetizer he can't resist! Fine cuisine was never more mouth-watering! And Steve Carnelli’s guitar work really set the table for this track!!

THEY LEARN - This song was inspired by Mark's father, who worked so hard to be a loving, Christian parent. I know he would’ve smiled if he’d heard it!

TOO BAD, MY LAD - The title comes from an old joke about a son away at school, telegraphing 6 words home for more money - and his father's terse reply. I love WELCOME TO THE ST. JAMES by the Rippingtons, which incorporates wordless vocals within the instrumental, which is what we did here.

THE EMPTY CHAIR - When a dear one departs, it leaves a huge gap in the family. I wrote this song to help "mend a broken family torn apart." Mostly, I wrote it to soothe my own pain.

BREATHLESS - This groove and the soprano sax solo really hit the bullseye for me! What would it take now to spark your heart?

SECOND WIND - Starting over is the only way to succeed when struggling with addiction, defeat, a sullied past. And rock'n'roll gives you the energy to DO it!

THE OLD HOUSE - We can see with new eyes, remembering the old times, but we can never go back to the way it was - not really.

CLOSIN' TIME - Imagine a conversation with an amalgam of Liam Neeson, Frank McCourt and my father...ahh, the Irishman speaks to me, somehow.

YOU BRING ME HOME WITH A SONG - I wrote this song with Jim Brickman for vocalist Anne Cochran, as they've known each other since high school. It features a gospel-tinged choir led by Yvonne Williams and Dan Higgins' plaintive wail on alto sax.


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