Marilyn Harris & Mark Wolfram

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Subtitled "Music inspired by the American Revolution", composers Marilyn Harris and Mark Wolfram have distilled the musical essence from this pivotal time in the birth of the United States of America into a satisfying musical collection. Influences of marching, piping (both American & British), dancing in the salon, communicating sorrow, loss, nervous anticipation and remembrance, these musical selections bring you back to a time when saluting the Stars & Stripes meant freedom and independence...
but it could also mean treason - and death!


 Selections on

  1) The Piper's Pride
  2) Prim & Proper
  3) Irish Lament
  4) Minuette A-Go-Go
  5) Fox Hunt
  6) Reading By Candlelight
  7) The March to War
  8) Love Letters
  9) On Tenterhooks
10) Wistful Remembrances
11) Sons of Liberty
12) More Irish Lamenting
13) Still on the Fox Hunt
14) The Piper's Pride - Theme
15) Prim & Proper - Reprise MP3
16) More Reading By Candlelight
17) Love Letters - A Quick Note


18) The March to War - Add Strings
19) A Short Minuet MP3
20) Still On Tenterhooks MP3
21) Sons of Liberty Depart
22) The Piper's Pride - Medium
23) The March to War - Woodwinds
24) His Royal Highness
25) On Tenterhooks Blues
26) The Piper's Pride - Short MP3
27) Reading By Candlelight - Reprise MP3
28) A Quick March to War MP3
29) Minuette A-Go-Go - Reprise
30) A Short Irish Lament MP3
31) The Fox Hunt is Over
32) The Piper's Pride - with Drum Fade
33) Love Letters - Postscript
34) Sons of Liberty - Reprise MP3

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