15 New Original Jazz-Pop Songs  

"Every song is first-rate."

"Marilyn is a performer for all seasons and moods, and her music will enchant you."

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Check out the excerpts from these BETWEEN THE LINES selections:

1) Only You MP3
2) Extra Baggage MP3
3) Forever
4) Mahina
5) Keeping An Open Heart
  6) What I See In You
  7) Perfected
  8) Get It Up
  9) Coney Island
10) Mine, Mine, Mine
11) Mr. Wrong MP3
12) When I See Your Face
13) Between The Lines
14) Don't You Know Me?
15) I Say "I Love You"

Reviews for Marilyn Harris' BETWEEN THE LINES: 11/13/01
I am sitting here trying to figure why I haven't heard of this talented young lady Marilyn Harris yet. "Between The Lines" has fifteen exceptional tracks to present the listener that can appreciate nice and easy music with a good beat and fine vocals. Harris offers all of that. You would think with that many songs there would be at least one throw away, one song that you would just want to click over to the next one right? Wrong. Every song is first-rate. This woman's voice reminded me of Roberta Flack, although she has been compared to others, I heard Roberta more than once.

Her main staple is the pop tune that's injected with some rhythm and blues, soul, and hints of the blues. If you think about it, most pop music takes a little bit of everything and manages to make it sound like it really belongs in that specific genre. Are you still with me? It may not make a lot of sense to some people? When I listen to music I hear and see the whole picture that is being painted. She paints a colorful musical portrait that is a masterpiece on this album. Its just one great song after another, what else can I say? To sight one specific song would be unfair, they are all just too good. Need I say more? Just get this CD; it's laden with great music and terrific vocals.

By: MuzikMan (Associate Writer) 11/3/01
This is Marilyn's first CD release, although she has been around for quite some time...Between the Lines highlights Marilyn's experiences in the music business as singer, songwriter, arranger and producer. There are some very famous musicians appearing on this disc as well...A most impressive lineup.

Marilyn's rich and sultry vocals fill every track and hold you spellbound in the web she weaves from beginning to long after the disc has ended. Starting with "Only You," Marilyn captures the romance in being in love, and shares it with the rest of us. A light and bubbly jazz melody complements the lyrics and passion-filled vocals.

"Extra Baggage" is memorable of the old-time jazz greats, and Marilyn has the perfect voice for this piece. Slinky and sensual vocals wrap around the jazz guitar played by Georg Wadenius, and are punctuated by the horn section featured in this track. An original composition, Marilyn's talent shines brighter than the sun on all counts here.

"Between the Lines" is the title track, and it sets the heart soaring in the clouds as the music reaches higher and higher, although the subject matter isn't quite so lofty and freewheeling. "Between the lines is a story / And it's behind what's been said / I read your eyes / And I know we're gonna start up again...." Marilyn captures all the emotions behind a "friendly parting of the ways," the wishes that it could have worked, but it didn't, no matter how much you both want it to.

If you like jazz or pop, this is the disc for you as it falls between the lines of the two genres, blurring them slightly. And provides a beacon of light for the darkest days, or a comfortable companion for those days the sun shines brightest. Marilyn is a performer for all seasons and moods, and her music will enchant you.

[ by Naomi de Bruyn ]

Nephi' 10/00
Described in the past as the reigning Diva of Jazz, Marilyn Harris' music has been compared to Steely Dan and Michael Franks and her voice to Carole King and Billie Holiday. In the musical mix of artists today, it may be more appropriate to describe her eclectic and intricate sound and velvety voice as a mix of singing legend Carly Simon and Basia.

With songs such as the CD opener "Only You" and the rich "Keeping an Open Heart," Harris shows she has true staying power and talent. Talent that has led a number of diverse artists, including Jim Brickman, Bette Midler, Lola Falana, as well as jazz greats Anne Marie Moss, Jackie Paris, Judi Silvano and Diane Hubka, to perform her songs and/or arrangements.

Recorded over a ten-year period but with a sound that's timeless, Between The Lines is a sensuous yet lively album containing a wide range of songs. From the joy-filled "When I See Your Face" to the melancholy "Coney Island" (a song with imagery and sounds that make the listener feel they are actually there), Harris has a talent for hitting the highs and lows of the human condition.

Other standout tracks include "Get It Up," an exquisite, almost breezy song, and the rapt "What I See In You" proving Harris a premier singer, songwriter and arranger.

Joined by a variety of well-known and respected musicians such as guitarist George Wadenius (Blood, Sweat & Tears), bassist Steve Rodby (Pat Metheny Group), saxophonist Steve Eisen (Styx), and Sinatra band members Mike Smith and Ron Kolber, Between the Lines is a must have for the modern music connoisseur.

Grade: A
Review by: Nephi Ferguson 2/99
"Wow. I can't believe Marilyn Harris is an indie artist. This is top notch jazz/pop. Something like Billie Holiday meets Steely Dan...... but not exactly. A silky smooth voice is the first thing you notice. Then, still early in the first song, you realize the incredible talent of all the musicians. Tight, well-produced, very pro. I kept thinking I was listening to someone who had already made it! Above and beyond the performance is the songs. This is expert songwriting, with extraordinary natural gifts underneath the crafting. They move. They breathe. Every step perfectly choreographed. As a reviewer of many indie artists, one thing I know is that often good production tried to camouflage mediocre songwriting. Not here. The lyrics speak to an intellectual mind, the music swings up and back in all the right places, and the bluesy touches are perfectly fitting. Recorded over a 10 year period, Between The Lines traveled with Harris from New York to Chicago to LA and back again. In between her other musical endeavors, at that. She has worked with notable jazz artists, composed numerous television scores, produced music for commercials, you name it. Harris, who also plays inspiring piano on the CD, has done everything right. This artist deserves not only a listen, but a lot of success. Really. Go to her site and listen to a soundbyte. Amazing. The only mildly disappointing feature of this disc is its packaging. I was surprised when I listened, as the cover does not lead me to expect the great music within."

Independent 11/98
"Marilyn is, without a doubt, one of the leading independent composers in the market today. With a gift for melodic flow, Marilyn excels some of the greats of this era. Her vocal approach is crystalline and stylish and only equaled by her extraordinary musicianship. Let it be said that this lady is the reigning diva of jazz."

Scott Yanow, Jazz Times 10/93
"Marilyn Harris is a talented singer songwriter who composes intelligent lyrics and expresses her feelings quite well. This set is a success..."

Lisa Drewel, Intermission 7/93
"Ms. Harris' vocal style is sometimes reminiscent of Carole King, sometimes Billie Holiday, and always clear and vibrant. Swingy, bluesy, it is wonderful, relaxing and thoughtful music."

Gene Seymour, New York Newsday 4/93
"...the near-perfect symmetry of warmth and intelligence informing each of these tunes...the impeccably-grooved swing of "Extra Baggage" and "When I See Your Face"... the bittersweet incisiveness of "Coney Island"...

Jerome Wilson, Cadence 9/93
"...if you're into Steely Dan or Michael Franks, Marilyn Harris fits right into the groove and is a strong singer to boot."

Bruce Von Stiers, BVS Reviews 3/04
"...full of great original jazz songs. There isn't a song on the album that misses the mark."


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