NOW PLAYING : "Future Street" (excerpt)
from the Wrightwood Records CD "Future Street"

The Future Is . . . NOW!!!

Future Street
Marilyn Harris



Marilyn's breakout CD of
new original jazz songs
with attitude!

Featuring a vocal duet
with Mark Winkler

and instrumental solos by
Wayne Bergeron, Pete Christlieb,
Dan Higgins, Bob Leatherbarrow,
Bill Liston, Warren Luening,
Andy Martin and Dave Carpenter

Read jazz songwriting legend
Bob Dorough's liner notes

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Check out these sound samples

  1) Dorothy Parker Notes MP3

  2) Ain't Got Nothin' On You Notes MP3

  3) Future Street Notes MP3

  4) Sunglasses In The Rain Notes MP3

  5) My Dissipation Notes MP3

  6) In A Lonely Place Notes MP3

  7) Express Notes MP3

  8) Insomniac Notes MP3

  9) Lost In The Stars Notes MP3

10) Don't Wanna Know  Notes MP3

11) The Good Guys  Notes MP3

12) Love Means Never Having
                      To Say Goodbye
 Notes MP3


Dave Carpenter on Bass at "Future Street" session

Marilyn on Piano at "Future Street" session


Bob Leatherbarrow on Drums at "Future Street" session

Dan Higgins  
Andy Martin 
Bill Liston

Pete Christlieb

3 More Approaches to Dave Carpenter on Bass

Multi-talented Bob Leatherbarrow adds Vibraphone on "Future Street" session

"Sunglasses in the Rain" -  ABOVE:  Marilyn  & Mark camp it up in publicity photos
for Wrightwood Records' CD "Future Street".
BELOW:  Marilyn  & Mark Winkler have musical fun between the raindrops
as they sing the first song they wrote together!!

Jazz Trumpet legend Warren Luening
adds Flügelhorn magic to the tracks.

Grammy-Award nominated Trumpet sensation
Wayne Bergeron leads the horn section.



 Marilyn's latest head shot